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A Busyness of Weasels

A busyness (or business) of weasels is a “venery”, a word or words used to describe a collective group of animals.

We’re probably all familiar with a ‘herd of cows’ or a ‘flock of seagulls’. Maybe you’ve even heard the cool and ominously named venery ‘murder of crows’ or the less serious “sorority of pigs” (I made the last one up) but you’ve probably never given much thought to the many VENERY there are and how they came to be.

The Toy Business, like most industries, has many different, identifiable groups: designers, creators, sales people, sharks, IP lawyers… When deciding how to best ‘draw’ my story, I experimented with different styles, always coming back to my loopy, goofy sketches for the many ‘animal’ dolls, like Henry the Rhino, CuPig and Rude Rover the dog with the musical butt trumpet.


So, of course, I thought the best way to portray the ‘characters’ in this story was to make everyone an animal. Not just any animal, but members of a very special venery:

A ‘congregation of crocodiles’ – lawyers of course

A ‘rabble of butterflies’ – the ubiquitous party girls, business girls

A ‘bloat of hippopotamuses’ – inscrutable, older Chinese business women

A ‘pod of walruses’ – the usually, Hasidim men who worked in close-knit groups

A ‘business of ferrets’ – All toy firm sales reps

A ‘company of moles’ or a ‘labor of moles’ – Chinese factory workers

Pod of Walrus
A Labor of Moles
A Business of Weasels

Rodents of all shapes and sizes include Moles, Weasels and Busy Beavers, since the entire Toy Business can be aptly described as a ‘rat race’.

So not every character will be depicted as an animal… but when the muse strikes they will.



Marketer, Cartoonist and Toymaker. Husband, Uncle and Friend to All Dogs.

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